Builder & Realtor Signage

Sign Specifications

  • Sign Color: New Albany Blue*

  • Lettering Color: White

  • Font: Times New Roman

  • Main Sign Panel

    • Size: 21” x 29”

    • Substrate: ¾” MDO Board

    • Edges & Back: Painted White

  • Riders (small panels)

    • Size: 29” x 9”

  • Post with Finial

    • Size: 4” x 72”

    • Paint Color: White

    • Top Angle Cut: 45 Degrees

Content Details

Please see the guide below, which contains details on signage content standards.

Vendors & Installation

Vendors are optional, but adherence to the specific sign standards is required.

Suggested Vendors

Key Blueprint
Melissa Query

Instant Signs
Rob Rosati

Ground Spike or Stake Installation


If a ground spike or stake is used for signage installation, the following requirements must be met:

  1. It must be painted white to match the post.

  2. The spike/stake must not be visible. It must be fully inserted into the ground.

If a sign is found to be improperly installed using one of these ground spikes or stakes, the Association will remedy the violation and invoice the builder a $25.00 service fee.