Mailbox Style

Each home in the New Albany Links Homeowners Association is required to have an approved style mailbox that is maintained appropriately. This standard feature adds a uniformity to the community appearance and style.

Mailbox Manufacturer & Style

  • The approved manufacturer/style is the Large Post Mount Mailbox from

  • Replacement flags can also be purchased from, appropriate style for Large Post Mount Mailbox.


  • Mailbox Posts for all New Albany Links Homes (except Dominion Club) are 3” diameter, 5’ length – 2’ buried, 3’ above ground and can be purchased from Suburban Steel 614-737-5501.

  • (A rectangular plate (19.25” x 8”) should be welded to the post to hold the mailbox. A wood block between mailbox and plate is needed for mounting.)

  • The Mailbox posts for the Dominion Club are Edgewater Single Mount Mailbox Post / SPK-680 and can be found at


  • 2″ White Vinyl Die-Cut Numbers

  • Mailbox numbers are to be on both sides of the mail box and centered, except in the Dominion Club, where they are on both sides of the hanging panel below the mailbox.


  • All mailboxes and posts are semi-gloss black

Repair & Replacement

Homeowner Responsibility

Mailboxes are the responsibility of the homeowner to replace, maintain and keep in proper working order. The Board of Trustees passed a budget for 2018 that funded a community wide mailbox replacement and/or refurbishing project. This will bring a greater level of consistency and uniformity to the community. Going forward, the Association will handle mailbox maintenance issues due to normal wear and tear; however, it will not cover issues caused by damage. If a mailbox is damaged (i.e. hit by a car, victim of vandals, etc.) the responsibility of repairing or replacing the mailbox will be on the homeowner.

Recommended Vendor

Below is a vendor we recommend for repairing or replacing damaged mailboxes and posts. The Association does not mandate which contractor you use.  Feel fee to use any contractor of your choice.

My Painting Guys     
TEL: 614-342-0281