Process Overview

Items to Include

When submitting your project for review, you must include the items below:

  • Site Plan: to scale, showing the entire lot with all easements and setbacks, existing structures, and clearly defined new structures (be sure to include driveways and patios)

    • If structural changes are planned, include floor plans to scale showing new structure and pertinent information with relationship to any existing structures.

  • Elevations: to scale, showing all sides with relationship to existing structures, including clear notation of all materials and colors.

  • List of Materials: e.g., shingles, fencing, siding, pavers, or other hard structure surface), paint colors (if applicable), and plants.

  • Photos: of Actual Site and House from multiple angles.

NOTE: If the work to be performed is for a replacement then the owner may submit the work order and/or estimate as long as it includes a materials list that conform to Architectural Review Board guidelines, owners name, address and phone number, along with contractors name, address and phone numbers, and photos of the damaged area. This will allow the Architectural Review Board to expedite the review and/or approval process.

Online Submission Form

You may submit your project to the Architectural Review Board via our online submission form.

Response Time

Upon approval, an official notice will be sent to you for your records and a copy will be kept in our files. If your plan is not approved, you will be notified in writing and what conditions, if any, must be met to obtain approval.

The Architectural Review Board attempts to respond to all applications within a 30-day timeframe (often quicker, whenever possible). An application must be submitted and approved before any exterior improvement is undertaken, including the replacement or reconditioning of any element (including, but not limited to siding, roofing, windows, etc.)

Other Information

Emergency Submissions

Emergency repairs are understood when details have been communicated with the management office; however, submission approval will still be required. Determination of “emergency repair” will be at the sole discretion of the review board.

Insurance Claims

If the owner is filing a claim with their insurance company they should have approval of the Architectural Review Board before accepting the proceeds and/or signing a release.

Coordinating with Neighbors

Before submitting the above information, the Architectural Review Board requests that you carefully consider any potential impacts that your improvements will have on your neighbors.

Compliance & Violations

Failing to make a submission for approval or starting any project prior to obtaining approval could result in fines and fees along with the requirement to submit the required documents. Please check with your management office for any questions.

  • A $500 compliance violation fee may be assessed to any structural improvement that increases the footprint of the dwelling, including, but not limited to, home additions, patios, and outdoor kitchens without prior approval.

  • A $500 compliance violation fee may also be assessed for roof, siding, window or other structural replacements without prior approval.

  • A $50 compliance violation fee may be assessed to any other type of improvement without prior approval.